Free advice for your startup, from me

Hi there,

I’m looking for people with projects in the pre-launch or early post-launch phase that would need help with their overall strategy, marketing, user acquisition, or product development. And I’m willing to help you for free as part of the Startup Maze Coaching Program. 

Why? Because it’s fun, I’ll learn new things, and I would like document the work and publish it on, as a lesson for other people in your exact same shoes. This means I would use your questions and my work as a study case for others. So make sure you’re ok with that.

How would this work?

 You apply for the program via the survey below and let me know a few things about your startup/project.Then:

  • I will select the projects I think I can add value to. Don’t want to waste your time or my time.
  • We will then have a meeting/skype call so I can understand better where you are (I might record that btw)
  • I will go research and come up with the best solution I can think of
  • I will send that to you & and we will have a meeting to walk you through the thought process
  • I will publish a study case on my blog about the project
  • Depending on the complexity of the problem the whole thing could last a few days or a few weeks. Also depending on my work schedule, as I will do this in my spare time.

Who am I?

  • Initiator of this awesome meetup group
  • Founder and editor of (blog and podcast)
  • Working in startups and startup like environment since 2008
  • I have an MBA in marketing form Rotterdam School of Management
  • Passionate about innovation and early stage projects
  • Full info on my linkedin profile



Keep in mind that I will be able to work on only 2-3 projects at the same time. So it will pay off to be among the first to apply. 


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