Growth hacking, supercars and the anatomy of fast

What makes a fast car? A powerful engine, light body, aerodynamic design, turbocharger… That’s all good to gain speed, but to maintain it you’ll need something else: good brakes.

Seems rather counterintuitive right? But you see, in a supercar good brakes don’t slow you down, they put you in control. Good brakes let you turn corners faster and avoid crashing the car in front. Mere speed without control is an accident in the making.

For me growth hacking is similar to driving a super car at high speeds. We all see the sexy part of it: acquiring users, gaming the system and creating clever shortcuts. But we often forget of something essential: we need a product with an amazing user experience.

If you don’t have a product that people love, you have no control over your growth. You can add users at insane rates, but those same users… will churn faster than you can say growth hacking, and that will lead to an inevitable crush.

So yeah, we all like to talk about sexy terms, magic solutions and shortcuts. But remember that’s only part what of what you need.

Many things in life seem counterintuitive, but that doesn’t make them less valid.

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