#GrowthTalks: Think Data with Rob W, Head of Data Science @ Travelbird

Heads up: the next Startup Maze Amsterdam meetup is on the 7th of December, from 6pm to 9:30PM. Make sure you reserve your spot today. 

Our special guest this time is Rob Winters, Head of Data Science @ Travel Bird. Rob tell us his experience with Cultivating Excellence in Data-Driven Organizations.

It has been repeatedly proven that organizations which put data central to their decision process are more effective, achieve better performance, and have better control of their risks.

However, it’s a common fallacy within companies that if they buy the right BI tool, data-driven decision making will follow. In this talk we will explore the experiences of building data-driven organizations in a variety of industries, the successes and failures, and some best practices to get an organization to “Think Data”.

Rob  has been leading data and analytics teams for over ten years in a variety of industries with a focus on “green field” and transformation projects. His primary focus has been on building the data technology, transforming organizations to be data driven, and developing machine learning/big data solutions to accelerate company growth.

In his current role as Head of Data Science at TravelBird he is responsible for leading the team responsible for Business Intelligence, Email/CRM, Data Warehousing, and Data Science.

Location & organization

This event will be hosted with the Help of our friends from The Thinking Hut. After the talk we will be able to buy some drinks from the bar and network some more.

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