Many start, but few can finish. Here’s an example.

When Sam Altman announced that his “How to Start a Startup” Stanford course would be available for free on YouTube, entrepreneurs went crazy. Everybody wanted a chance to learn from him and his guests: Paul Graham, Peter Thiel, Brian Chesky, Aaron Levie, Reid Hoffman, and Ben Horowitz among others.

Now imagine my surprise when I looked at the numbers. The first episode was a great success gathering over 273K views (until now). The last episode on the other hand gathered only 13K views. And as you can see the growth curve is similar, showing that most of the views happen the very first days, so we can eliminate time as an influencing factor.

How to start a startup video views 2015-01-06  1How to start a startup video views 2015-01-06

If you would have told me that 260K people, who were interested in entrepreneurship, would pas the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in the Valley, … for FREE… I would have had some serious doubts.

PS: I know it’s napkin calculation but I think the story still stands.

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