IoT for startups: what is it + opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Heads up: the next Startup Maze meetup will be on the 19th of January. If you are in the neighbourhood you are more than welcome to come.

This time we will talk about what kind of opportunities does the new IoT network bring to entrepreneurs. I believe that the Internet of Things is here, and you have the chance to get in at the ground floor.

Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague are already covered in a network that enables things to come online. And by July the entire country will be covered. What does this mean for your startup? What opportunities does it bring for you? Join us to find the why, what, how of the IoT movement.

Our speakers are two pioneers in this space:

Jonathan Carter is the initiator of the Amsterdam Internet of Things meetup (~2800 members), mentor at Startup Bootcamp, and co-founder of Glimworm Beacons (the first Dutch mass producer of iBeacon compatible sensors.)

Joahn Stokking is the Tech Lead at The Things Network, the first iot network that covers the entire of Amsterdam. He and Winke, just raised €300.000 on Kickstarter to crowdsource a global open and independent Internet Of Things network.

For more information please visit our event page: IoT for startups: what is it + opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Hope to see you there. 😉

The event is made possible by WeWork Metropol, an amazing co-working space in the heart of Amsterdam. This is their second location in Amsterdam, so make sure you come at the right one.

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