KickStarter tips and tricks from Lola Akinsiku

For this interview I had the pleasure to talk to Lola Akinsiku, an aspiring entrepreneur that absolutely loves to work on her own ideas. With a full time job on her hands, she has to dedicate extra time so that her ideas can come to life. However, she told me this energizes her rather then draining more energy.

In a way Lola represents so many people out there that have this idea in there mind, a full time jobs on their hands and are not sure what is the first step or where to find enough time to work on their own venture. I think there are quite a few things we can learn from her.

Looa Utility Fabric

Her product is dedicated to those that like to read in bed, like good design and hate clutter. So far she had 2 KickStarter campaigns and even though she didn’t get the funding yet, she did learn a lo from the experience. In this interview you will find out more about those key-learning points.

With that in mind here’s the interview with Lola Akinsiku from LOOA Utility Fabric.



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