Inspiring advice for aspiring entrepreneurs from Nick Waller of Global {M}

Global {M} LondonFor the first Startup Maze podcast I had the great pleasure to interview Nick Waller, the founder and Director of Global {M}, a fast growing London based startup that aims to improve tech recruitment around the world. Nick and his team bring a brand new vision to global recruitment. Instead of finding the right person for the job, they will help their clients find the right team for the job.

They will put together a team of pre-vetted individuals with proven track record that can work harmoniously together and bring the best results. This approach saves valuable time and significantly reduces administrative costs. And so far it seems to work. Among their clients you will find big international names like HP,, KAYAK or BARCLAYS.

Nick is full of energy, very passionate about his company and a true entrepreneur at heart. I found it very inspiring to chat with him and I hope you will also find value from listening to the interview.

Among the key takeaways from are our discussion are:

  • If you want to start something, put the first foot on the ground. Stop postponing things.
  • Stop overthinking things. Act, make mistakes and learn along the way. It’s doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to your destination. You will find all your answer on the way.
  • Keep your clients in mind. Understand who they are, what they need and where you can find them. Have an extreme focus on your clients.
  • You will need to take risks and move out of your comfort zone.
  • You should see problems as opportunities.

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For more info about Nick’s vision and Global {M}, you can check out:


Also you can also find Nick on LinkedIn and you follow Global {M} on Twitter or Facebook.

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