Why imitating unicorns might not get you where you want.

We’ve all seen the mesmerising titles that promise us to reveal the best kept secrets of the startup unicorns. From Facebook to Uber, and from AirBnB to Instagram.

Every entrepreneurs wants to be like them and understand what’s their secret sauce. Of course media loves to capitalise on this trend.

In this podcast Nav and I give our opinions about how you should approach these lores, and I argue there’s little you can learn from them. I believe you shouldn’t try to apply the points they’re making ad litteram, but see how those can adapt to your specific case.

First of all, since they made it big, many things have changed and most of their lessons might be outdate. Besides, many of them capitalised on unique trends. They were at the right place, with the right product, with the right support, with the right money, with the … well you get the idea.

In his podcast I am joined by Nav Nouhi , an former colleague, a dear friend and data-oriented-no-bullshit-let’s-talk-numbers kind of guy.

I know Nav, from our AVG Technologies days, where as Director of Digital Advertising he managed $25M of advertising budget yielding 125% return on ad spend to the business and transformed AVG’s approach to digital advertising by pivoting to a LTV model.

He is currently a digital marketing  and growth adviser for early to mid stage startups, operating from the beautiful city of Prague.

When he’s not optimizing conversion funnels or creating digital acquisition strategies, you can find him skiing or cooking somewhere in Europe.

As always, I am curious about your opinion on the podcast. So please head to itunes or where ever  you might listen the show and give let us know what you think.

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