How Startup Weekend helped Fabio kickstart his idea in two days

Originally from Rome, Fabio is a local in Amsterdam for quite a while now, and given his passion for biking I would say this city is great match for him.

Fabio loves traveling around world, and in part that is why he wanted to launch his own business: more flexibility (and funds) to go and explore the world.

His first step in kickstarting his idea was in 2012 at Startup Weekend in Amsterdam, a 54 h event during which people pitch their ideas, teams are formed and then each team needs to prototype and validate the idea by the end of the second day.

For Fabio this was a great experience and it created the nucleus of a team that continued working on this project for months to come… in their spare time, after work, in the weekends, on vacations. And by working on it in their free time, they allowed themselves more time to further develop the product, before quitting their jobs and doing this full time.

Fabio Tiriticco Startup Maze Amsterdam

In today’s episode we talk about the benefits of using Startup Weekend as a launch platform, the cash and sex theory, why ideas are open source and why you should ask yourself: are you building a product nobody wants?

Fabio’s pro tips:

  • don’t incorporate your startup until you make money.
  • make use of platforms such as startup weekend to validate your ideas
  • mitigate your risk by work on your idea in your free time, before you quit your job and work full time

I hope you guys will enjoy the interview and as always feedback is always welcome, either here on, iTunes, Facebook or twitter.


Links to the stuff we talked about in the episode:

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