[Video] How to improve your voice. Gain confidence. Nail public speaking.

Voice, that thing that comes out of your mouth. You know the one you feel awkward about when you hear yourself. It can be improved.

Linor Oren is here to tell us what good voice is and give us some tips on how improve your voice.

Linor is a voice coach with over 10 years of experience in opera singing and voice training. Through her sessions she helps people get in control of how they sound, gain confidence and get the right skills to own the room with their voice – which sound like things entrepreneurs would need to ace their public speaking events, startup pitches and even internal presentations. With that in mind I invited for a chat and thought I should record it and share it with you guys.


  • Drink water at least 3 hours before speaking. And a general rule you sound better if you vocal chords are hydrated.
  • Wrong posture can put pressure on your throat and makes you sound bad. Who knew?? Stay straight but relaxed. Search for Alexander technique. Linor swears by it.
  • Think of your voice like an instrument. Takes a bit of time to know how to play it and you can’t improve overnight. Takes a bit of Practice.

A bit about our guest.

Linor got her Bachelor of Arts in Voice and Opera from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. In  2010 she moved to Berlin where she performed as an opera and musical singer and performed on stages around the world. On the side she gave private lessons to people who were looking to improve their voice. Now she moved to Amsterdam where she primary focuses  on voice coaching.

You can find more about Linor on singwell.eu and on her youtube channel.