The often-overlooked, but essential habit of successful entrepreneurs

“I was leading, but they were not watching me. They were looking down the road. Instead of their faces, I was seeing the backs of their heads. So something at Tabac was more interesting than the leader – and then I remembered the photograph and braked as hard as I could.”

As Juan Manuel Fangio was approaching that corner he was leading the race, so in theory all cars should have been behind him. It made no sense to hit the breaks before that corner. However, the day before the 1950 race, he saw a picture of a similar accident, which happened a few years before on the same track. That made him realize something is wrong. In an instant he acknowledged the situation, recalled the picture, connected the two and hit the breaks as hard as he could, avoiding a crash that could have been fatal.

I find this to be an inspiring story for all aspiring entrepreneurs out there. You see, we all love to talk about the success of people like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and so on. But few look at the mistakes people have done on their journey to success… and more importantly learn from those mistakes.

Just like that picture that prevented Fangio to crash at full speed, entrepreneurs should find their own pics of people that “crashed” before them. I believe that in order to become a great entrepreneur you need to understand journeys in their totality, with both mistakes and smart moves.

Good luck in the startup maze,


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