TheThingsNetwork Amsterdam Meetup – Celebrating a successful Kickstarter

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Last Firday, I had the pleasure to attend the ending ceremony of TheThingsNetwork Kickstarter project. With ˜300K raised, they got twice the amount they were aiming for. Not bad for such an ambitious project, which doesn’t come from SF but from the heart of Europe.

IMG_3996 copyAfter we all counted down the last 10 seconds before the end of the campaign, Wienke took the stage to thank everyone involved. And a shortly after that Johan gave us a demo on how to setup a gateway

and a brief introduction on how to set up a node on the TTN.

I also had a chance to talk to Marcus and found out a few important things that contributed to their Kickstarter success. Here is what I remember:


TheThingsNetwork Amsterdam Kickstarter tips

    • Before the campaign, Wienke and Johan were talking at events and getting people pumped about it; thus in the day of the campaign they had a big email base they could contact. Crucial!!
    • 30% of the funding came in the first 2 days
    • The majority of the backers came from NL, but they had a very international crowd in the long tail
    • Pledges stayed pretty constant/flat during the campaign, except the last day when they saw a big bump.
    • Trick: they told their backers the campaign starts at 2pm and the press 3pm, so when the journalists dropped by, they already had a massive amount of support.
    • They transformed interesting acker in study cases:

IMG_4003 copy

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